Elysium’s hair loss and scalp analysis clinic is here to provide a 5 star discreet service.

We understand hair loss and scalp conditions can be a very sensitive subject, our in depth consultations and services are provided in a luxury private room within the salon. We want you to be feel comfortable and at ease, whilst helping you to gain your confidence back.


Our bespoke custom designed hair integration system is an innovative alternative to wigs, ideal for clients suffering with any form of hair loss no matter how big or small. This semi permanent method can change your life in a matter of hours.


The scalp analysis clinic can help us determine what problems lie beneath your scalp and determine what may be the cause of your hair loss or scalp conditions.

With the help of a digital microscope we can take a closer look and give a detailed explanation of what could be causing these problems, and recommend a personalised home care treatment plan suitable for your needs and encourage new growth or slow down the hair loss process.

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Our tailored treatment packages are available by appointment only and are held in a private room which is confidential and discreet.

Please contact us to make an appointment. We also offer Virtual consultations.


Call us today on 0161 661 1166 to book.