NEW ‘Igora10’…for GORGEOUS Hair Colour in JUST 10 Minutes!


Experience  IGORA10 Hair Colour at Elysium Hair & Beauty For a Speedy Service!

Short of time? Ask your Elysium Stylist about IGORA COLOR10 from Schwartzkopf!

hair salon swintonIGORA COLOR10 is the perfect answer when you are looking for a speedy hair colour service.  Get your roots done in no time with this amazing 10 minute hair colour service!

Using the innovative Amino Acid Carrier technology, it delivers beautiful hair colour results, perfect coverage and outstanding care – all in just 10 minutes processing time!!!

Product Benefits:

  • Processing time complete in only 10 minutes
  • Up to 100% white hair coverage
  • Long-lasting colour retention & vibrancy
  • Perfect & even colour results
  • Stunning & long-lasting shine

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