Autumn/Winter Hair Trends 2014

Autumn/Winter 2014 Hair Trends at Elysium Hair & Beauty, Swinton

AVEDA-Hair-3As Summer slips away and nature changes colours from greens, yellows and blues to rich burnt oranges, rusts and the rich red hues of Autumn, it’s no wonder we are inspired to change our hair colour accordingly!

Autumn has always been a great time to rethink your hair colour, and this year is no exception. Why not revamp your style with some gorgeous shades of plum browns, copper reds, and rich dark chocolate browns to take you into the party season?!

Add richness to blonde hair for an Autumnal look with some deeper golden highlights – creating a beautiful, buttery blonde colour. Consult with your expert hair colourist at our hair salon in Swinton to see what suits your skin tone for a gorgeous hair colour this Autumn.

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Dishevelled Ballerina Buns

This season it’s all about top knots left effortlessly undone – a look that can be worn in the day or night, whatever the occasion! For a hint of extra glamour, simply opt for a slicker bun, taking care to tie up any loose ends – and go from casual to chic in seconds.

Beautiful Braids

It’s official, ladies…Braids are back with a bang! This season, it’s ALL shapes and sizes, too. Designers including Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana and Givenchy (to name but a few) showcased a variety of different styles of braid – including everything from fishtails and tight braids to loose plaits tucked into updo’s.

Centre Parts

Both Balmain and Chanel chose to rock severe centre parts, pulled back into tight, low ponytails. This look has real staying power – after being a real fashion favourite during AW/13. Adds a touch of class to any look.

Long, Low Ponytails

The ponytail is back, ladies! Long, slick, low ponytails could be seen on many an AW/14 runway. A quick and simple way to add instant class and glamour – achieve this look by. Hair not long enough? Check out our range of hair extensions at Elysium Hair & Beauty to give you that extra length instantly.

What Hair Colour Suits Me?

The Autumn and Winter months offer the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and refresh your hair, keeping up with the season’s hair colour trends for a great new look. Create subtle dimension by adding a few highlight accents around the face to brighten and lift this season.

Spice up your brunette hair colour this Autumn with a rich cinnamon shade flattering your skin tone creating a more youthful look. A great way to enrich over-highlighted hair is to darken the base as close to your natural hair colour as possible, speak to one of our creative colourists at Elysium Hair & Beauty who will advise you on Autumn hair colour.

Whether you’re blonde, brunette or even red haired, a softened version of the Ombre trend is hot for Autumn 2014, some of the celebrities that are wearing this look now include Jessica Alba,

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