How to add volume to fine hair…

Need help with fine hair? Want more volume?  Fine hair can look limp and feel flat, but VOLUMETRY from L’Oreal série expert comes to it’s aid with innovative formulas enriched with Salicylic Acid, Intra Cylane TM and/ or HydraLight.  Best of all? This incredible range is available to purchase now at our Swinton Hairdressers.


Q: My hair is really fine and I want it to look thicker and full of life. At the moment it is just dull and greasy. Any ideas?

A: We encounter a lot of clients with similar hair concerns! We recommend;

  • Adding shorter layers to your haircut can help it feel fuller
  • Product selection and heat styling are the basic principles of building volume into fine hair
  • Avoid touching your hair too much throughout the day or running your hands through it – this will encourage oily build up which can weigh it down
  • Try adding some of our amazing 100% human hair extensions for instant body…and WOW factor!

Q: My hair that is so fine in some places that it looks very thin and I can never get the style I want. What should I do?

 A: We have a number of products that can address your haircare needs: the new Volumetry range will help add a more voluminous look to fine hair. The série expert range also has a number of repair care options that can help address the needs of damaged hair. Why not request a professional haircare consultation from your Elysium Hair & Beauty Stylist? We can assess your hair needs in more detail – book yourself in for an appointment today.




Q: I have fine, flat, lifeless hair which needs a boost. What can I do without using tons of products to get volume?

A: It is not about the amount of product used, it’s about using the right products. If you select your products wisely, you shouldn’t have to worry about them weighing your hair down. Lay a good foundation for full-bodied hair with our new lightweight Volumetry shampoo & conditioner.

We are really impressed with the new Volumetry volume root spray – it helps lift the hair at the root for a feeling of natural volume. Check out this short clip of L’Oreal ambassador Mark Wooley using this product and the rest of the Volumetry range – including styling tips for building body into fine hair. Happy styling!




Q: I have trouble with curls staying in which is frustrating because curly hair seems to be on trend at the moment. How can I style my hair so that it stays?

A: Great question! By using a volumising haircare range, like Volumetry, you can lay the foundations for fuller-bodied curls. You can then dry your hair with a ceramic round brush, lifting from the root to maximise volume. After applying a little heat protection product, use heated curling tongs or irons to begin curling the hair in small sections. Don’t rush! Start at the nape of the neck and work forwards, then use a cool setting on your hairdryer to set your curls in place. Loosen with your fingers and style as desired!

Q: My hair can become static when I try and style it after it’s just been washed. Is there any way I can help prevent this?

A: Try to avoid over-combing and brushing your hair as this will only encourage the static energy. You can also try using a home care system that nourishes your hair but does not weigh it down and invest in a lightweight, leave-in conditioning product which can be easily re-applied during the day.

Q: How can my fine hair go for more than one day without looking really oily and needing washing? I find most dry shampoos make it heavy.

A: Have you tried our new Volumetry SOS volume spray? It is a fantastic, handbag-sized spray and a real must-have for maintaining fine hair on-the-go!

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